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Best Life

Without letting herpes get in the way!



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I believe that people shouldn’t be ashamed or defined by having genital herpes. People deserve to be loved by themselves and others without conditions.


There is greatness and happiness within you...

But it's been hiding


It’s been a while since you last felt truly like yourself. No matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to let the shame and the pain of having genital herpes get out of your way.  

Maybe you think that having genital herpes has made you less than everyone else. Maybe you think that being loved and accepted by others is just an illusion.

But then again, what if you are destined to live an extraordinary life despite having genital herpes?

What if the world desperately needs you to be your true self without hiding? What if the only thing that is stopping you is the lack of self-love and acceptance?

And what if, in this moment you could finally break free and move towards the life you really want?

Because now is the time!  

Let’s get started on coaching with Johana for STD and genital herpes.


The best way to end the stigma around genital herpes is to stop hiding.

Let’s start today by creating your success story.